Do i need Dubai Visa as a US resident / Green Card holder?

Dubai Visa
for US citizens

Only American Passport holder can get on arrival Dubai Visa.

Green card holder US residents having other nationality / Non-American passport holder needs to apply online Dubai Visa from USA.

Get Urgent Dubai Visa within 3-24 hours.

Dubai Visa for Green Card holder US residents

Green Card holders residing in the USA with a non-USA passport, due to dual nationality, are required to get pre-approved Dubai Visa. They are not eligible for Visa on Arrival in Dubai.

Check if your Passport required a visa to travel to Dubai.

Do you need Dubai Visa for Guyana Passport?

Yes, Guyana passport holders require a visa to visit Dubai. You can apply for 14, 30 or 60 days visa.

Do you need Dubai Visa for Jamaica Passport?

Yes, Jamaica passport holders require a visa to visit Dubai. You can apply for 14, 30 or 60 days visa

Do you need Dubai Visa for Trinidad and Tobago Passport?

Yes, Trinidad and Tobago passport holders require a visa to visit Dubai. You can apply for 14, 30 or 60 days visa

Dubai visa for US Citizens

Dubai Visa for American Passport Holders

American passport holders traveling to Dubai can avail themselves of a 30 Days visa on arrival, eliminating the need for prior application processes. This convenience facilitates smoother travel for US citizens wishing to explore Dubai's vibrant culture, luxury, and architectural marvels. Ensure your passport is valid for at least six months from your intended date of entry into the UAE.

What is cost of Dubai Visa?

Type of Dubai Visa Regular Dubai Visa Price (GBP £) Express Dubai Visa Price (GBP £)
14 Days Dubai Visa (Single Entry) 125 225
30 Days Dubai Visa (Single Entry) 150 250
60 Days Dubai Visa (Single Entry) 250 350
30 Days Dubai Visa (Multi Entry) 300 400
60 Days Dubai Visa (Multi Entry) 500 600
Step 1

Apply Dubai Visa Online

Simple application form:
1. Choose your nationality (Your country)
2. Choose type of Dubai visa (Single or multi entry visa)
3. Choose Visa option according to stay duration
4. Fill the contact details
5. Choose processing time

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What is the minimum passport validity to apply for Dubai visa?

To be eligible for a Dubai visa, your passport must have at least six months of validity remaining.

Do American Passport holder / USA Passport need to apply Dubai Visa?

American USA Passport holder can get free visa on arrival for 30 days stay in Dubai UAE.

Can i apply Dubai visa with travel document?

Individuals having UK Travel Document are not eligible to apply for Dubai visa nor receive a visa upon arrival.

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